Wear YOUR Story

“We connect worlds, people and purpose.”

Manifiesto is a fashion discovery platform for conscious women that want to empower themselves through fashion.

Our platform connects shoppers with ethical and authentic fashion brands rooted in Latin American culture. We source our collections to celebrate the most original, eclectic and fashion-forward creators, curated for women who crave authenticity and connection with their truest selves.

Because we believe that fashion is an art form that reveals a kaleidoscope of self expression and inspires us to imagine who we want to be, Manifiesto’s mantra is to dress with intention.


Manifiesto empowers others to manifest their vision through fashion


Always interact with empathy, optimism and enthusiasm


We are transparent in the way we operate and vet our partner brands to show transparency in their supply chain and local communities


We operate with integrity and execute our business with integrity

We seek to EMPOWER women to live a CONSCIOUS LIFESTYLE and aim to empower international BRANDS TO GROW in the U.S., the world’s leading retail market.

OUR philosophy

We’re inspired by bold design, vibrant color, and the rich aesthetic traditions that make Latin American cultures so proudly diverse and so widely celebrated.

Unapologetically Latina

How we Empower

We work with emerging brands & local artisans.

We educate our customer to dress with intention

We partner up with nonprofit organizations to empower the community we live in

We are the only fashion incubator for conscious Latin emerging brands entering the U.S. market.

MEET THE founder

Ivana Matos

Ivana Matos

Ivana believes we can transform ourselves with our energy and inspiration to manifest our ultimate selves. She feels this evolution can be made possible by focusing on what we wear and how we wear it.

As a reiki healer, luxury fashion industry veteran, and social media influencer, Ivana's cross-disciplinary approach to mindful living was the catalyst for Manifiesto. A platform she envisioned as a source of inspiration and connection for conscious women seeking to discover ethical, bespoke fashion designers.

With Manifiesto, Ivana wants to remind women everywhere that they can dream themselves into being whoever they want to be.